Exclusive: Sachin Tendulkar says Virat Kohli will break my Record

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Sachin Tendulkar says definitely Virat Kohli will break my Record in an interview.      

Recently Sachin Tendulkar launched his new Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy. During that Interview when he was asked about Kohli performance he said that definitely, Virat will break my record.

Sachin said- '' I think somewhere I also want to say that when I was playing I have never believed in comparison because every person should be judged differently because they have different techniques. The game is changing day by day, if you will look at 70's game it was different than 80's then 90's was different from 80's so the  game continues to change and the figures will continue to change it is changing from 70's so this is a normal thing Numbers will changing because at that time 220 was big total now 320 is not safe total, the pitches can change the rules can change the quality of play can change a lot of factors are there. I don't believe in comparisons.

''Virat is developing day by day I have seen him, it is a joy to watch him'' he added.

Sachin commented on Prithvi Debut also he said that ''I have seen Prithvi 10 years ago one of my friend named Jagdish has shown me Prithvi's who was a very small kid at that time, but he told me to look at his technique and that what changes he has to make, but after watching him i said that he will play for India for sure. I just said you have to change nothing and if someone tries to change you tell them to talk with me after then we will think that changes are required or not.''

Sachin also answered on India Tour of Australia that Australia is not settled team right now, so India has more chance to do well in the series.

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