Cricket World Cup 2019 Qualifiers: Who will go to England next summer?



If you're a cricket fan from one of the big cricketing nations you probably YOU THINK THAT YOUR TEAM WILL GONNA WIN but do you know  about which two teams make up the numbers at the next World Cup. Your team is there and in English conditions, the winner is likely to come from one of England, Australia or India. Right? Well, try telling that to a supporter from the likes of the West indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland or Afghanistan.

who knows that which team is going to win the World Cup. But they have to win the major tournaments which no one cared about, then they will have their SPORT. This is a chance to see these players against the world best teams  and cause a few changes  along the way that will live long in the memory. Who can't forget  RASHID KHAN brilliant bowling in LEAGUE matches and against BANGLADESH too and we all know his bowling can change anything..

Two teams will gatecrash the party where the already invited guests are: hosts England, defending champions Australia, last time's runners-up New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, SriLanka and Bangladesh.

THE BIG NEWS IS THAT The ICC decided that there will be an official final for the winner of this mini-competition contested between the Top 2 teams. All well and good but the beaten runner-up will just be glad to be at the World Cup.

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