BCCI reveals why India is playing all matches in Dubai International stadium

asia cup 2018

Recently Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed questioned that team India is getting some special benefits in this tournament.he also said that in Asia cup schedule India is playing their all matches in Dubai cricket stadium, due to which other teams are Facing injustice. He said that PCB might goto ICC against this scenario.  

the main reason behind why India is playing all matches in Dubai-

 BCCI said ''Schedule of Asia cup not made in one night, all process has been done under C.E.O permission, even Asian captains didn't know about this, and they have not told this to any team,we all forgot that Asia cup was already scheduled in India but due to Pakistan India is playing this tournament in Dubai, we are also not questioning against this.''. The BCCI feels that the teams are unnecessarily exaggerating the situation about the supposed favored treatment given to India while scheduling the Asia Cup.

They also said-''Playing against India is a benefit for all, This is why we scheduled all the match of the Indian team in Dubai.we all to know  Dubai international stadium is bigger than other Abu Dhabi stadium so that everyone can watch the match of team India, and both teams will get benefit from this.we need to focus on other Asian teams also because Afghanistan is also doing well, then why peoples are questioning us that not true.''

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